My Journey

Let’s flash back a few years.

I called my friend Kendra one night. I was looking for ways to help maintain wellness for my whole family and she was always “in the know” on the best in wellness care. She gave me some samples of these new oils she had started using- Young Living essential oils. I used them on myself and my kiddos and by the next day, I had a million questions for her and I knew I needed more. Even though my first experience with oils was for my kids, we use them for so much more now!

Even with the evidence of the oils working for us, I still spent some time reading and researching everything I could. What I found out was the long history essential oils have had in human history. After all, God put plants on earth just for our use! I chose Young Living because of their years of experience in distilling oils and the extensive scientific research that goes into every step. They wrote the book on the oil distillation process and guarantee every step of every oil from the seeds that are planted to the final bottle of a Young Living oil. (This is called the “Seed to Seal” commitment. YL is the only company who has this commitment.)

We use oils and YL products everyday – shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, soaps, dishes, laundry – YL products have us covered! With diffusers in most rooms (I can tell you more about diffusers later) we are defiantly an oily household now!

If you are wondering – what about your specific need – is there an oil for that? Yes there probably is. Let’s chat. I am always learning more, researching more and wanting to teach others. If you have questions, feel free to contact me! Starting the journey to take control of your health can be overwhelming – everyone starts their journey one step at a time. Let us take that first step with you. Our team is fun, welcoming and ready to help!